The Wiccan Altar

An Example of a Wiccan Altar

An Example of a Wiccan Altar

When I first started to learn from my mentor, it took me forever to remember where everything went on my altar. I would feel self-conscious about making mistakes. My mentor smiled and simply moved the item I had misplaced to where it should reside on the altar. So don’t beat yourself up if you need to use this picture for a while.

There are about just as many ways to set up an altar as there are people. Each person or group may have a certain way of doing an altar setup. Here’s an example of a Wiccan altar. Let’s start with the right side of the Altar.

  • As you can see at the top right is the “Cakes/Bread” You can use bread, cupcakes, cookies or a power bar for that matter. It should contain carbohydrates to nourish the body to replenish the energy you used during ritual.
  • Below that you can see the “Censer & Incense“. This incense burner has cone incense inside it. However, you can burn any kind of incense in this burner. Remember that incense, when burned, represents air on your altar.
  • You can see the “Taper (a long wick),” which is used to help light the candles. You light everything from the working candle. You can use the Taper to transfer the flame to another candle to light it.
  • To the right is the “Lighter” which is used to light the working candle.
  • Below that is the “Bell/Chime” that you use for ringing, when appropriate.
  • Continuing around in a clockwise direction is the “Pentacle”. You use the pentacle to help you focus your attention on your goal.
  • To the left of the pentacle is the “Athame” used to cast circle and to direct power.
  • Above the athame is the “Water in Bowl.” Water is one of the four elements and is used with the salt to make your holy water.
  • Continuing around we have the “Salt in Dish“. Representing Earth, Salt is put into the water.
  • Above the salt is the “Wine Filled Cup”. The cup as you remember is a female symbol and holds the wine/juice to be blessed.
  • Above this are the “Offering Dishes.”
  • Next you see in the middle the “Goddess Candle” and the “God Candle,” which are used to represent the deities.
  • Between the God and Goddess candles, find the “Working Candle,” which you use to light everything else during ritual. The Working Candle represents fire on your altar.
  • And flowers are always a nice touch for nature and the goddess.

We will discuss more on how to use an altar later. Have a great week!

Blessed Be,

Moonwater SilverClaw


Moonwater SilverClaw is from the San Francisco bay area where she grew up and still resides. As a child, her connection with nature was strong as she played for hours in the field with animals. When she first heard about Wicca, she discovered that she was already doing many practices already! SilverClaw has been practicing Wicca since the early 1990’s. She has had many years of self study as a solitary, but eventually entered a coven and is now a high priestess. SilverClaw posts weekly at her blog. She felt called to write the blog even through she is dyslexic. SilverClaw is very grateful to her team of editors who help her communicate her knowledge to others through her writings. She says, “I wish to educate those who don’t understand what the craft is about. Some people may not yet identify themselves as pagan, but they’d like more information. I wish to be as open as I can to those who truly wish to learn.” Moonwater SilverClaw is a member of the Covenant of the Goddess and also a member of the NewWiccanChurch. She has given workshops and has addressed college students in Comparative Religion classes for over ten years. She lives with her cat Magick and her sweetheart of many years where she enjoys knitting and photography. Moonwater SilverClaw can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn and She can be contacted at:

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  1. Branden says:

    Your post, The Wiccan Altar The Hidden Children of the Goddess, is really well written and insightful. Glad I found your website, warm regards from Branden!


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